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Didem Rahvancı – DARWINIST IMPOSITIONS – Didem Rahvancı


Although the invalidity of Darwinism or the theory of evolution to give it its other name, has today been scientifically proved, this outdated theory continues to be taught in schools in Turkey and worldwide. Scientific facts are ignored and deliberately distorted by scientists who espouse the theory, and this theory is revered as if it were true.

While students in schools are forced to learn the nonsense of Darwinism, teaching the scientific facts is literally banned. Yet the theory of evolution is unable to explain how a single cell or even a single protein essential for life to exist came into being. It is impossible to explain how the universe and living things came into being through this theory. Among all the 350 million fossils unearthed to date there is not one that shows that life forms evolved from one another, as evolutionists claim, and not a single transitional form. Yet there are still a great many scientists and academics who are blindly devoted to the theory of evolution, and these people continue to discuss the theory as if were a proven fact.

The fact is, however, that children and young people must be taught scientific information revealed in the 21st century, not pagan teachings left over from Sumerian times, such as evolution. In addition, if myths of evolution are to be taught in schools, then so must the insoluble dilemmas facing the theory of evolution and the miracles of creation.

Darwinist impositions never allow that. Evolution is imposed as part of the curriculum in schools in just about all countries. The myth of the giraffe originally having a short neck but that it grew to allow it to reach tall branches, the lie that humans and apes share a common forebear and the nonsense of primitive man living in caves are all still taught as scientific fact in European countries. Moreover, young people are still educated with nonsense such as evolution not only in European countries, but even in Muslim countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Young people exposed to all this deceptive information have no right to question the evidence, nor to express the evidence revealed by science. In tests, they have to answer on the basis of the supposed precepts of evolution, rather than of science, even if they do not believe it. It is not possible for a student in anywhere in the world to get a passing grade in a biology class after saying “there is no evolution” and it is not possible for anyone to remain, let alone progress, in his/her carreer in fields such as biology, paleontology or anthropology after saying “there is no evolution.”

Therefore, although everyone in all countries knows full well that evolution is an outdated myth and an unscientific ideology, all students, all teachers and all academics still have to sign up to it.

The 2008 documentary No Intelligence Allowed written by Kevin Miller and Ben Stein and directed by Nathan Frankowski described the position of numerous professors removed from their posts as a result of Darwinist imposition for espousing the fact of Creation. One important example of this is Michael Reiss, director of education in the British Royal Society, who was hastily removed from his post for recommending that Creation be taught in schools.

Dr. Gavriel Avital, head of the scientific department of the Israeli Education Ministry, was immediately removed from his post after making written and verbal statements questioning evolution. A ministry official openly told Haaretz, Israel’s best known daily, “It is impossible for someone who holds such views to be in charge of scientists at the Ministry of Education.” To put it another way, it was impossible for someone who criticizes evolution, which has been totally repudiated by science, to occupy a position of authority. This move and the statement that followed show how powerful and influential the Darwinist imposition is across the world.

There are other significant instances of this.

For example, the American biologist Richard Von Sternberg lost his office for referring to a scientist who spoke of intelligent design, creation by Allah in other words, in one of his papers. He was then questioned about his religious beliefs and eventually he lost his job. Dr. Caroline Crocker, from the Cellular Biology department of George Maison University, was disciplined by the school management for referring to intelligent design in class, following which she lost her post entirely. Not only did Crocker lose her job, she was also blacklisted and unable to find employment in any other educational institution. After writing a paper saying there is no need for medical students to learn about evolution in order to become doctors, brain surgeon Dr. Michael Egnar was subjected to unpleasant attacks and again lost his post.

Prof. Guillermo Gonzalez, from the University of Washington Department of Astronomy, says, “When you speak of creation by God in a room full of academics, they perceive that as a declaration of war.” After saying in a book that an intelligence was responsible for arranging the universe, Gonzalez found himself in a climate of conflict at Iowa State University. Despite discovering numerous planets and performing research into stars, his request for an extension of tenure was refused, and he even lost his post entirely. Gonzalez says of his academic colleagues, “If they are concerned for their careers, they will have to keep silent about the entire order in the universe.”

Numerous scientists unwilling to be named in the documentary say they are unable to make any statement about creation – “You learn to keep your mouth closed.”

Darwinists have presented countless frauds to the scientific world over the last 150 years, impose Darwinism as a compulsory ideology, strive to keep it propped up by official protection, pressurize scientists who believe in creation and remove them from their posts, and behave in an antidemocratic manner by hounding people who espouse creation across the world in the press and in other ways.

However, Darwinism is a superstitious faith, and all superstitious faiths will eventually fail. This is the immutable law of Allah. No matter how successful it may appear, how much it prevails across the world and how many people it is imposed on, this superstitious faith will inevitably be defeated and disappear. This is the law of Allah, and the law of Allah never, ever changes.

Say: ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat al-Isra’, 81)

Thanks to the advances in science and technology in this century, all the lies of evolution have been exposed and Darwinists have been fatally weakened. Today, even primary school children know that there are no transitional fossils pointing to evolution, that human beings are not descended from monkeys, that the advanced and complex structures of living things cannot be explained in terms of chance and that Darwinism is the greatest hoax in the history of science. They know it, but they still cannot say as much in school. But that day is also close at hand, insha’Allah.




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